Born originally in Zimbabwe and raised in England comes a young man destined to share his passion for JESUS, LOVE and MUSIC with all who have ears to hear.

He goes by the name of ROPA. With him lies the numerous gifts of artistry such as singing, song writing and producing music that reveals the thoughts, intents and depths of a man. From a young age Ropa would display his love for music when he would spend hours, days and nights perfecting his craft. Having the opportunity to showcase his gifts on a gospel tour through 2010 - 2011 around England equipped him with the understanding of the gift of life; how all need to hear the Good News as well as be open about their walks of life.

With influences from the likes of Michael Jackson, Hugh Masekela, 2Face, Kirk Franklin, The Winans, R Kelly, TGT, Mali Music and Oliver Mtukudzi expect an array of flavours when listening to ROPA from strong, aromatic Afro-influenced sounds to warm R&B synths and Pop-influenced hits as well. There will always be a fresh sound to greet your ears, with messages relatable to all ages.

ROPA talks love, struggle, marriage, Jesus and the power of the Most High God. Ropa is a vessel merely used by God to transcend stories, lives, and feelings in musical format.

Hear me out as I too lend an ear, so we may understand and equip one another on this life journey.